Domus Auditorium


Via della Repubblica, 16 - 84010 RAVELLO SA - Italia


We are in Ravello, the favourite place of intellectuals, artists, musicians, like Boccaccio, Wagner and many other artists who have found here the inspiration for their works of art.

Rich in art and culture, Ravello is known for the Cathedral of the twelfth century, which dominates the main square, as well as for its beautiful villas: Villa Rufolo, beautiful gardens where in the summertime take place the Ravello Festival, on a stage suspended between the sky and the sea. Villa Cimbrone , built in the twentieth century by the English nobleman William Bechett, is famous for the beautiful gardens, with statues, busts and marble groups and for the “Terrace of Infinity”, from where you can admire the most beautiful panorama in the world.


How to get here

Domus Auditorium is close to the main square of Ravello and close to the new Music Hall “Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer”, named after the Brazilian architect who designed it. The bus stop is a minute away, which makes of the Domus Auditorium the perfect base to visit the Amalfi Coast.

By Car

From the motorway the exit gate is Pagani-Nocera or Angri Sud. Follow the indication “Valico di Chiunzi” and “Costiera amalfitana”

By Train | -

The reccomanded railway station is Salerno. From Salerno: SITA bus to Amalfi. From Amalfi: SITA bus to Ravello

By Bus |

From Naples: SITA bus to Amalfi From Salerno: SITA bus to Amalfi From Amalfi: SITA bus to Ravello

By Plane |

From the international Napoli-Capodichino Airport, take a bus ( to Amalfi and then a Sita bus to Ravello.